Обложка книги Foundations of Image Understanding

Foundations of Image Understanding

ISBN: 0792374576;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

Computer systems that analyze images are critical to a wide variety of applications such as visual inspections systems for various manufacturing processes, remote sensing of the environment from space-borne imaging platforms, and automatic diagnosis fromX-rays and other medical imaging sources. Professor Azriel Rosenfeld, the founder of the field of digital image analysis, made fundamental contributions to a wide variety of problems in image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. ProfessorRosenfeld's previous students, postdoctoral scientists, and colleagues illustrate in Foundations of Image Understanding how current research has been influenced by his work as the leading researcher in the area of image analysis for over two decades. Each chapter of Foundations of Image Understanding is written by one of the world's leading experts in his area of specialization, examining digital geometry and topology (early research which laid the foundations for many industrial...