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Volumetric Image Analysis

ISBN: 0471967858; 9780471967859;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Volumetric, or three-dimensional, digital imaging now plays a vital role in many areas of research such as medicine and geology. Medical images acquired by tomographic scanners for instance are often given as a stack of cross-sectional image slices. Suchimages are called ?volumetric because they depict objects in their entire three-dimensional extent rather than just as a projection onto a two-dimensional image plane. Since huge amounts of volumetric data are continually being produced in many places around the world, techniques for their automatic analysis become ever more important. Written by a computer vision specialist, this clear, detailed account of volumetric image analysis techniques provides a practical approach to the field including thefollowing topics: preprocessing of volumetric images obtaining quantitative measurements in volumetric images detection and modelling of objects in volumetric images To students without prior knowledge of computer...