Обложка книги Microsystem Technology and Microrobotics (Microsystem Technology & Microrobotics)

Microsystem Technology and Microrobotics (Microsystem Technology & Microrobotics)

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ISBN: 3540606580;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag

Microsystem technology (MST) integrates very small (up to a few nanometers) mechanical, electronic, optical, and other components on a substrate to construct functional devices. These devices are used as intelligent sensors, actuators, and controllers for medical, automotive, household and many other purposes. This book is a basic introduction to MST for students, engineers, and scientists. It is the first of its kind to cover MST in its entirety. It gives a comprehensive treatment of all important partsof MST such as microfabrication technologies, microactuators, microsensors, development and testing of microsystems, and information processing in microsystems. It surveys products built to date and experimental products and gives a comprehensive view ofall developments leading to MST devices and robots.

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