Обложка книги Surviving the SOC Revolution - A Guide to Platform-Based Design

Surviving the SOC Revolution - A Guide to Platform-Based Design

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ISBN: 0792386795;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

The aim of Surviving the SOC Revolution: A Guide to Platform-Based Design is to provide the engineering community with a thorough understanding of the challenges involved when moving to system-on-a-chip and deliver a step-by-step methodology to get them there. Design reuse is most effective in reducing the cost and development time when the components to be shared are close to the final implementation. On the other hand, it is not always possible or desirable to share designs at this level, since minimal variations in specification can result in different, albeit similar, implementations. However, moving higher in abstraction can eliminate the differences among designs, so that the higher level of abstraction can be shared and only a minimal amount of work needs to be carried out to achieve final implementation. The ultimate goal is to create a library of functions and of hardware and software implementations that can be used for all new designs. It is important to have a multilevel...

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