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Henrik Floberg, Heinrich Floberg

Symbolic Analysis in Analog Integrated Circuit Design

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ISBN: 0792399692
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Symbolic Analysis in Analog Integrated Circuit Design provides an introduction to computer-aided circuit analysis and presents systematic methods for solving linear (i.e. small-signal) and nonlinear circuit problems, which are illustrated by concrete examples. Computer-aided symbolic circuit analysis is useful in analog integrated circuit design. Analytic expressions for the network transfer functions contain information that is not provided by a numerical simulation result. However, these expressions are generally extremely long and difficult to interpret; therefore, it is necessary to be able to approximate them guided by the magnitude of the individual circuit parameters. Engineering has been described as `the art of making approximations'. The inclusion of symbolic analysis in analog circuit design reduces the implied risk of ambiguity during the approximation process. A systematic method based on the nullor concept is used to obtain the basic feedback transistor amplifier...