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Ephraim F. Sudit

Effectiveness, Quality and Efficiency: A Management Oriented Approach

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ISBN: 0792398122
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
This is a management-oriented book about efficiency, quality and effectiveness designed for an audience of management practitioners, scholars, and students. The integrative approach developed in this book contains new ideas regarding quality and efficiency-based effective management. These ideas lend themselves to managerial applications. Among management practitioners, the book may be of particular interest to managers with broad strategic orientations in the fields of production management, quality management, marketing, and management of human resources. The academic audience is likely to include scholars and students interested in strategic planning, applied productivity analysis, quality management, marketing management, and management of human resources. The book could also be used as a supplementary text to, or part of the readings in, basic and advanced courses in strategic management, production management, and quality management.