Обложка книги High-Speed Cmos Circuits for Optical Receivers

High-Speed Cmos Circuits for Optical Receivers


ISBN: 079237388X;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

The exponential growth of the number of internet nodes has suddenly created a widespread demand for high-speed optical and electronic devices, circuits, and systems. The new optical revolution has replaced modular, general-purpose building blocks by end-to-end solutions. Greater levels of integration on a single chip enable higher performance and lower cost. The mainstream VLSI technologies such as BiCmos and CMOS continue to take over the territories thus far claimed by GaAs and InP devices. This calls for an up-to-date book describing the design of high-speed electronic circuits for optical communication using modern techniques in a low-cost CMOS process. High-Speed CMOS Circuits for Optical Receivers covers the design of the world's first and second 10 Gb/s clock and data recovery circuits fabricated in a pure CMOS process. The second prototype meets some of the critical requirements recommended by the SONET OC-192 standard. The clock and data recovery circuits consume a power...