Обложка книги Intellectual Property Protection in VLSI Design : Theory and Practice

Intellectual Property Protection in VLSI Design : Theory and Practice

ISBN: 1402073208;
Издательство: Springer
Страниц: 210

Book Description The development and implementation of intellectual property (IP) protection mechanisms is of crucial importance for the emerging reuse-based system design methodology. Maybe even more importantly, it is such an elegant scientific and engineering challenge that it has drawn a lot of attention from academia and industry in recent years. Intellectual Property Protection in VLSI Designs: Theory and Practice provides an overview of the security problems in modern VLSI design with a detailed treatment of our newly developed constraint-based protection paradigm for the protection of VLSI design IPs from FPGA design to standard-cell placement, from high-level synthesis solutions to gate-level netlist place-and-rout, andfrom advanced CAD tools to physical design algorithms. The problem of VLSI design IP protection is much more challenging than the protection of multimedia contents or software, and our protection paradigm is also conceptually different...

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