Обложка книги Flash Math Creativity

Flash Math Creativity

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ISBN: 1590591852;
Издательство: APress

Also featuring: Keith Peters, David Hirmes, Lifaros, Paul Prudence, Pavel Kaluzhny, Ken Jokol Forget school math class, Flash math is about fun. it's what you do in your spare time - messing around with little ideas until the design takes over and you end up with something beautiful, bizarre, or just downright brilliant. It's a book of iterative experiments, generative design; a book of inspiration, beautiful enough to leave on the coffee table, but addictive enough to keep by your computer and sneak out while no-one's looking so you can go back to that Flash movie that you were tinkering with 'til 3 o'clock this morning. In New Masters of Flash the designers told us about themselves and deconstructed their finest effects. Well this time we've gathered the best in one book and simply asked them to go away and do what they do best: play. We give you the code and explain the essence, then you take your inspiration and run with it.