Обложка книги Human Factors for Technical Communicators

Human Factors for Technical Communicators

ISBN: 0471035300; 9780471035305;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 368

A crash course in human factors theory and practice for technical communicators If you're a technical writer, technical editor, documentation manager, user-interface designer, usability tester, or any other type of technical communication professional, you've probably found yourself becoming more and more involved in the development, design, and testing of technical communication products. In order to handle your expanded responsibilities effectively you need a solid grounding in human factors, theart and science of designing for people. And now this book gives it to you—fast. First, expert Marlana Coe takes you on a fascinating tour of the burgeoning science of human factors. In terms that you can understand, she explains all about the psychology and physiology of how users access, learn, and remember information; the impact of colors, shapes, and patterns; learning styles; approaches and obstacles to problem solving; action structures; and more. And, with the help...