Обложка книги Transitions


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ISBN: 1590592050;
Издательство: APress

The future of filmmaking is in your hands.... Transitions is a digital editing book like no other. The concept is simple. We take 15 of the very best artists in the film editing field, and we let them teach you, one-to-one, the principles, techniques andlessons that have defined their careers. The result is the definitive film lover's companion, richly presented in full-color and featuring stills from memorable Hollywood movies - the wisdom of veteran film editors and the vision of digital pioneers, married in one stunning new book. There is a great deal to being an editor. From the tricky decision of which cut to make first and the intricacies of building narrative, to the specifics of editing in genres, Transitions aims to capture the life and art of the editor, showing their overlap, indulging their differences, engaging in every author's unique experience and tapping into their hard-gotten wisdom. Fifteen essays cover diverse subjects from editing animation to weaving multiple...