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Jeffrey P. Fisher

Instant Surround Sound Audio

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ISBN: 1578202469, 9781578202461
Издательство: CMP Books
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 234
Book DescriptionMusic and visual producers can enhance the listening experience and engage their audience more effectively with the improved perceptive involvement of surround sound. Record, process, and deliver effective and stunning surround sound to your listener with the aid of this guide. Packed with useful, accessible information for novice and experienced users alike, you get carefully detailed screenshots, step-by-step directions, and creative suggestions for producing better audio projects. Topics include: ? Evolution of surround sound?including a discussion of matrix and discrete formats and the related compression codes ? Recording-equipment and techniques to achieve the volume and placement that will immerse the listener in a unique aural environment ? Post-production hardware and software set-up of the surround sound desktop environment ? Channel management?the lowdown on LFE and center channels, and the upshot on downmixing ...