Обложка книги Digital Photography for Dummies, Fourth Edition

Digital Photography for Dummies, Fourth Edition

ISBN: 0764516647;
Издательство: For Dummies

In the 1840s, William Henry Fox Talbot combined light, paper, a few chemicals, and a wooden box to produce a photographic print, laying the foundation for modern film photography. Over the years, that process was refined, and people discovered the joy ofphotography. Now, more than 160 years after Talbot's innovation, photography has entered a new age, with the arrival of the digital camera and a new and exciting way to think about photography. In fact, digital photography has spawned an entirely new artform. With a digital camera, a computer, and some photo-editing software, you can explore the unlimited creative opportunities of digital photography. Just think – no more film, no more film development costs, no more limitations of working only with what's there. With digital photography, you have almost instant access to your photos, and with photo-editing software, you can easily clean up your photos and add special effects that used to be nearly impossible...