Обложка книги The Programmer's Guide to Scsi

The Programmer's Guide to Scsi

ISBN: 0201185385;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional

The Programmer's Guide to SCSI offers a concise tutorial and reference to the Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI), the standard interface for high-performance computer peripherals. Geared specifically for programmers who are writing drivers or creating applications that support SCSI devices, this book presents comprehensive SCSI hardware and software information within the context of software development. It will help you find your way through this complex topic and ease your learning curve by providing expert advice, tips, and techniques for more effective SCSI programming. The Programmer's Guide to SCSI covers both high- and low-level programming topics. Specifically, you will find coverage of: * SCSI in general, including an explanation of its design philosophy, evolution, and transaction model * SCSI-2 features, including faster transfers, wider data paths, and other specialized capabilities * SCSI-3, including Fast-20 and Fast-40 SCSI, serial SCSI,...