Обложка книги A Short Course in Canon A5 Zoom Photography

A Short Course in Canon A5 Zoom Photography

ISBN: 1-92887-302-2;
Издательство: ShortCourses.com
Страниц: 92

The Canon A5 Zoom digital camera is one of the best pocket-sized cameras. If you own one of these cameras and want to get the most from it, here's the book for you. Complete, clear explanations show you how to use this versatile camera's many controls to get much better and more interesting photographs. To get the most from this, or any camera, you need to understand both concepts and procedures; the "whys" and "hows" of photography. Concepts of photography are the underlying principles that apply regardless of the camera you are using. They include such things as how sharpness and exposure affect your images and the way they are perceived by viewers. Understanding concepts answers the "why" kinds of questions you might have about photography. Procedures are those things specific to one kind of camera, and explain step-by-step how you set your camera's controls to capture an image just the way you want to. Understanding procedures gives you the answers to the "how"...

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