Обложка книги Digital Photography Basics

Digital Photography Basics

ISBN: 1843400421;
Издательство: Collins & Brown Ltd.

It's easier than ever to join the digital revolution with this perfect jargon-free, pocket-sized introduction to digital compact cameras and how they work. Aimed at traditional camera users and new photographers, and illustrated with 150 specially commissioned digital photos, this resource guide is the answer to those bewildering, overly technical manufacturer's guides. The overview begins with a presentation of the pros and cons of digital image capture and of camera features. Then, there's detailed information on pixels and image quality, exposure modes, metering methods, electronic viewfinders, capture modes, formats and storage, auto-flash, and image sharpening. Move on to the camera's advanced capabilities: exposure compensation, digital "film speed," use of macro for close-ups, movie recording, noise reduction, and much more. Make sense of the software, from connecting to a computer to viewing and cataloguing to basic image enhancement. Finally, look at the best choices for...

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