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Derrick Story

Digital Video Pocket Guide (O'Reilly Digital Studio)

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ISBN: 0596005237, 9780596005238
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Год издания: 1905
The Digital Video Pocket Guide is concise, easy to use, and is overflowing with the techniques you'll need to know to create great movies. The book is organized into three chapters: "What Is It?", "How Does It Work?", and "How Do I...Tips, Tricks,and Techniques". In the first chapter, "What Is It?", you're introduced to the ins and outs of your DV camcorder. Author Derrick Story builds the solid foundation that helps you better understand your camera. Chapter two maps out, step by step, a sure-fire approach to successful movie making. Next, you'll accelerate your prowess by learning the rock-solid techniques of video experts. Among the tips and tricks featured in chapter three are how the pros shoot action video, arrange lighting for an interview, and capture clean audio. Finally, the Appendix is packed with well-organized tables and charts on a myriad of topics. Completely indexed and beautifully illustrated in color, the Digital Video Pocket Guide is the...
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