Обложка книги iPod Fan Book

iPod Fan Book

ISBN: 0596007760; 9780596007768;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Страниц: 112

The iPod is more than a digital music device. It has become a cultural phenomenon and a fashion statement, symbolized by the universally recognized white earphones. Already a bestseller in Japan, the iPod Fan Book shows owners how to get the mostout of the world's most popular portable music player. This compact and beautifully packaged guide is for iPod users who want a quick, fun way to learn all the features and capabilities of the device. The iPod Fan Book takes readers through the process of loading the iPod with music and then organizing, playing, and even burning those tunes onto CDs and DVDs. The book also discusses ways to use the iPod on-the-go, such as playing it through a car stereo. And it shows how to use the iPod as a PDAfor storing things like addresses and personal calendars. The perfect gift for people living the iPod lifestyle.