Обложка книги Little Mac Book, The, Panther Edition (Little Book Series)

Little Mac Book, The, Panther Edition (Little Book Series)

ISBN: 0321266927;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Whether it was the brand-new iChat AV that got you or the fact that it can now can slip seamlessly into your home and office networks, Apple's Mac OS X Panther has you in its clutches. To start using it the way you want--to surf the Web, send email, exchange files, print documents, and more--you need this classic guide. Adopting a back-to-the-basics approach, this beloved Mac volume has been completely revised and rehauled to introduce you to the considerable joys of Panther. In her gentle, friendly, funny style author Robin Williams shows you how to dive in and start using your brand-new OS. Whether you're a first-time user or a veteran user making the upgrade, you'll welcome the straightforward, jargon-free explanations delivered in logical, easy-to-follow sections. You'll also find complete coverage of all that's new in Panther: personal videoconferencing with iChat AV, superfast PDF previews, a vastly improved system view with the redesigned Finder, improved Mail and...