Обложка книги Mac OS X: Pocket Reference

Mac OS X: Pocket Reference

ISBN: 0596003463;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

The Mac OS X Pocket Reference introduces Mac, Windows, and Unix users to the fundamental concepts of Mac OS X. The book starts out with a "Mac OS X SurvivalGuide," which shows Mac users what's changed from Mac OS 9, and also helps Windows and Unixconverts get acclimated with their new OS. The Mac OS X Pocket Reference concludes with a 30+-page "Task and Setting" index, which answersquestions that users might have when trying to configure their system. The Mac OS X Pocket Reference will show you how to use the Finder and the Dock, as well as how to configure your system using the System Preferences. Because Mac OS X is Unix-based, the Mac OS X Pocket Reference shows you how to issue basic Unix commands using the Terminal application. This handy pocket reference is the ultimate guide for newcomers to Mac OS X, and is a great companion for use with David Pogue's Mac OS X: The Missing Manual.

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