Обложка книги Macintosh Switcher's Guide (Wordware Macintosh Library)

Macintosh Switcher's Guide (Wordware Macintosh Library)

ISBN: 1556220456;
Издательство: Wordware Publishing

Designed for Windows users ready to make the switch to the Macintosh environment, this book discusses turning Windows skills into Macintosh skills, moving files to a Mac, Mac OS X equivalents to Windows applications, and other topics important to a new Mac user. Macintosh Switcher?s Guide ultimately demystifies using, maintaining, and enjoying a Macintosh computer and all that goes with being a Macintosh user. * Understand the differences and similarities between Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. * Learn how to configure preferences and customize toolbars in Mac OS X. * Find out how to use the Office:mac applications. * Discover the ways in which Mac OS X keeps your files secure. * Unleash the power of Mac OS X with Terminal. Covers Mac OS X Panther