Обложка книги Maximum Mac OS X Security

Maximum Mac OS X Security


ISBN: 0672323818;
Издательство: SAMS

While Mac OS X is becoming more and more stable with each release, its UNIX/BSD underpinnings have security implications that ordinary Mac users have never before been faced with. Mac OS X can be used as both a powerful Internet server, or, in the wrong hands, a very powerful attack launch point. Yet most Mac OS X books are generally quite simplistic -- with the exception of the author's Mac OS X Unleashed , the first book to address OS X's underlying BSD subsystem. Maximum Mac OS X Security takes a similar UNIX-oriented approach, going into significantly greater depth on OS X security topics: Setup basics, including Airport and network topology security. User administration and resource management with NetInfo. Types of attacks, how attacks work, and how to stop them. Network service security, such as e-mail, Web, and file sharing. Intrusion prevention and detection, and hands-on detection tools.

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