Обложка книги Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh second edition

Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh second edition

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ISBN: 0974218820;
Издательство: Cocoa Nuts Technology

Everyone can benefit from interaction with a Macintosh. This book takes the unique approach of introducing computers to those people who did not grow up with them, paying particular interest to those of us who are over fifty years young. Inside, youwill learn the history of the modern computer, what it is used for and how to use it. No assumptions are made. Reading these pages would be equivalent to stepping into a time machine to learn about computers as they were just becoming popular. In the 1970?s and early 80?s, there were many places one could go to learn or read about computers. Back then, the technology was new, so companies needed to work hard to prove that there was a market for the type of computer which an individual would want to buy. This book virtually takes you back to that era as no other book can. Topics are discussed in much the same way the books of yesteryear described them but with an important twist; it is current technology which is addressed...