Обложка книги The GarageBand Book

The GarageBand Book


ISBN: 0764573225; 9780764573224;
Издательство: Wiley

GarageBand, part of Apple?s iLife ?04 suite, allows users to digitally mix up to sixty-four tracks, play more than fifty software instruments via any USB or MIDI keyboard, use more than 1,000 audio loops included with the package, apply more than 200 professional effects, and play a guitar via vintage or modern amplifier settings Developed for the Apple community with the cooperation of Apple Computer, this book provides entertaining, real-world guidance and awesome tipsfor easily creating sophisticated GarageBand recordings Written in Andy Ihnatko?s inimitable style and laced with humorous commentary from well-known musicians, this lavishly illustrated book is as fun to read as it is informative Includes a bonus chapter that identifies and illuminates key topics in a series of "Questions Your Aunt Estelle Might Ask You"

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