Обложка книги The iPod Playlist Book

The iPod Playlist Book

ISBN: 0321304691;
Издательство: Peachpit Press
Страниц: 160

With tape decks going the way of Model T's and digital music players reaching stratospheric levels of popularity, yesterday's mix tapes have been replaced by today's burn-it-yourself CDs. However, if you're like many music buffs, sorting through a gargantuan collection of CDs to find just the right tunes to fill out the perfect playlist can be an overwhelming task. To the rescue comes this fun, music-filled guide from the folks behind the music at Radio@AOL. Whether you need help burning the perfect mix CD for your iPod-loving friends or inspiration for your own iPod journey, this compendium of more than 200 essential playlists is certain to satisfy. Organized by genre (punk, blues, roots, and more) and activity (think road trips, cocktail parties, weddings, luaus), each page includes a playlist and interesting tidbits about that list: For genre playlists, you might learn something about the history of that type of music, and for occasion playlists you're likely to discover the...