Обложка книги iPod and iTunes Digital Field Guide

iPod and iTunes Digital Field Guide

ISBN: 0764596799; 9780764596797;
Издательство: Visual
Страниц: 219

This full-color book is the perfect iPod companion, and it includes a free downloading offer from Audible.com. This handy book is both colorful and portable, yet packed with useful information, offering "information at your fingertips" that "goes where you go" for instant reference, anywhere! Its pages are packed with beautiful color images, essential iPod how-to information and no-fail formulas for making the iPod sing. It includes step-by-step techniques that cover setting up and customizing the iPod, creating smart playlists, recording music in non-MP3 formats for even better fidelity, running multiple iPods together, running the iPod through a stereo system, getting the most from iTunes, automating iTunes, choosing the best accessories, troubleshooting, and much more.