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Jennifer Fulton

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Upgrading and Repairing PCs (5th Edition)

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ISBN: 5-17-021425-1, 5-271-09569-X, 0028642392
Издательство: Alpha Communications
A reference based title written in an approachable first person point of view. This book teaches a reader how to upgrade his PC peripherals to increase productivity on his PC without intimidating or offending him. Straight-forward conversational tone on upgrading hardware and software the decision to upgrade or not. The reader will be introduced into some of this upgrading by task orientation - you want to record your own CD . . This title provides basic information in purchasing and installing the newest technology for multimedia and more. Finally the reader learns how various software applications and operating systems upgrades can help him use or not use his PC more efficiently. This book gives its readers the foundation on what a PC is and how to upgrade it in everyday language without being intimidating or insulting. Complete Idiot s Guide to Upgrading Your PC, 3rd Edition is a task-oriented explanation of PC hardware and software upgrading -Industry analysts predict...
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