Обложка книги Simulation Engineering: Build Better Embedded Systems Faster

Simulation Engineering: Build Better Embedded Systems Faster

ISBN: 1578200806;
Издательство: CMP Books

Build complex embedded systems faster and with lower costs by: · knowing when and how much simulation testing is appropriate. · applying engineering methods to simulation design and development. · using the best tools available to develop simulations. · validating the simulation as an accurate representation of the system. · analyzing and effectively communicating results to management. · using simulation to reduce expensive system testing. · managing the costs of simulation development and testing. Simulation veteran Jim Ledin delivers step-by-step instructions on the entire range of simulation techniques, and gives sage insight into the related management issues. You learn about simulation from the ground up - beginning with the fundamentals of mathematical models and progressing through detailed instructions and application examples of working simulations. Practice exercises reinforce your ability to apply the...

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