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Shuvra S. Battacharyya, Praveen K. Murthy, Edward A. Lee

Software Synthesis from Dataflow Graphs (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 360)

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ISBN: 0792397223
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Software Synthesis from Dataflow Graphs addresses the problem of generating efficient software implementations from applications specified as synchronous dataflow graphs for programmable digital signal processors (DSPs) used in embedded real- time systems. The advent of high-speed graphics workstations has made feasible the use of graphical block diagram programming environments by designers of signal processing systems. A particular subset of dataflow, called Synchronous Dataflow (SDF), has proven efficient for representing a wide class of unirate and multirate signal processing algorithms, and has been used as the basis for numerous DSP block diagram-based programming environments such as the Signal Processing Workstation from Cadence Design Systems, Inc., COSSAP from Synopsys TM (both commercial tools), and the Ptolemy environment from the University of California at Berkeley. A key property of the SDF model is that static schedules can be determined at compile time. This removes...