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Pamela R. Lessing

First Week With My New PC :A Very Basic Guide for Mature Adults & Everyone Else

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ISBN: 1892123223
Издательство: Capital Books (VA)
This book was specifically written for the author's 85-year-old mother who is now a PC master. But it was also "field-tested" by adults of all ages. Within one month everyone was an "expert"--sending an receiving e-mail, using the Internet (for checking the weather, folowing the stock market, and looking up topics such as "gastrointestinal"), writing and organizaing correspondence, playing music and games, and enjoying the wonderful world of the Web. Once you've mastered these few pages, you too will be entitled to post with pride the "Golden Mouse" (on page 200). And you'll "be connected" without fuss and frustration--just simple step-by-step instructions, no jargon, no complications.