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William A. Flangan

Guide to T-1 Networking: How to Buy, Install & Use T-1 From Desktop to Ds-3

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ISBN: 1578200210
Издательство: CMP Books
This perennial best seller is a thorough guide to buying, installing and using T-1 circuits and the often complex equipment that you need to hook into T-1 lines. There are four reasons to buy T-1: 1. Major dollar savings on long distance calls and international calls voice, data and video calls. 2. Substantially better communications quality. T-1 is all digital 3. Flexibility to reconfigure connections - voice one minute, data the next, video the next. 4. Improve network reliability. Achieving these fourbenefits can be painful (T-1 expertise is short among telephone companies) and expensive. That's where this book comes in. It will save you and your company a fortune in mistakes you could have avoided.
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