Обложка книги How Computers Work, Seventh Edition

How Computers Work, Seventh Edition


ISBN: 0789730332;
Издательство: Que

How Computers Work, 7th Edition has been one of the best-selling computer books for the last 10 years. This four-color visual book is a must-have for any computer user, from novice to expert. The rich graphics and intricate details about the inner workings of computers have been admired for years by consumers, instructors, professionals, and readers of all ages. To celebrate this milestone, this edition is the 10th Anniversary Edition and it has a new lower price of $29.99. The 10th Anniversary Edition has been completely updated with new coverage of: Wi-Fi, Viruses, Security, Photo Printers, Centrio notebooks, and many updates to existing technologies. A fresh cover and interior provide the reader with superior usability and it is the most aesthetically-pleasing edition yet!

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