Обложка книги PC Buyer's Handbook 2002 (PC Buyer's Handbook, 2002)

PC Buyer's Handbook 2002 (PC Buyer's Handbook, 2002)

ISBN: 0786412747;
Издательство: McFarland & Company

Buying a personal computer can present the consumer with an overwhelming number of choices. Even those who have experience with computers may find the new year?s models confusing. This handbook is for people who want to understand what they are doing when they buy a new computer. Its everyday language and simplicity of presentation reduce the complexities of computer buying. The handbook?completely revised from the 2001 edition?answers the most commonly asked questions about buying a new PC in 2002, with explanations, options, and price expectations, as well as suggestions for upgrading an older model. This edition covers such new phenomena as home networking. An extensive glossary and index are also included.

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