Обложка книги An Introduction to Network Security (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)

An Introduction to Network Security (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)

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ISBN: 0123116333; 9780123116338;
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Страниц: 384

This book covers the necessary conceptual background to help both the administrator and practioner to make informed choices about the best security solution for their environments. Coverage includes technical issues such as defenses against software attacks by system crackers as well as administrative topics such as formulating a security policy. Discussion of security topics takes a vendor-neutral approach. Each chapter includes a hands-on element to help readers understand key issues related implementing security measures. COMPREHENSIVE & PRACTICAL. Provides a comprehensive introduction to network security for people actually implementing security measures or who are planning security solutions. OUTSIDE IN/INSIDE OUT. A look at security from the viewpoint of hackers trying to break in and from the viewpoint of network administrators trying to defend. SINGLE SOURCE. Fills the need for a single source that introduces all of the important security areas.

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