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CYA Securing IIS 6.0

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ISBN: 1931836256; 9781931836258;
Издательство: Syngress
Страниц: 352

Cover Your A** By Getting it Right the First Time * Prove You Did It Right the First Time * Be Responsible, Don't Be to Blame * Secure Your Network and Your Career Don't lose your job over an ugly and porous Internet InformationServer (IIS) 6 installation. Read this book and cover your a** today! It contains easy-to-access coverage of just about every documented IIS 6 security setting. The following features ensure that you know exactly what you are reading at all times: By the Book A clear presentation of Microsoft's recommended security configurations and policies based on the business needs of your network. Reality Check Warnings about the potential downside of certain "best practices" that you as the system administrator need to know. Your A** Is Covered A comprehensive checklist to all of the security-related configuration consoles in IIS. Best of all, it's written in a "get to the point" style that clearly explains exactly what...