Обложка книги Demystifying the Ipsec Puzzle (Artech House Computer Security Series)

Demystifying the Ipsec Puzzle (Artech House Computer Security Series)

ISBN: 1580530796;
Издательство: Artech House Publishers

Now that the Internet has blossomed into the "Information Superhighway," with its traffic (and drivers) becoming increasingly diverse, security has emerged as a primary concern. This innovative new book offers you a global, integrated approach to providing Internet Security at the network layer. You get a detailed presentation of the revolutionary IPsec technology used today to create Virtual Private Networks and, in the near future, to protect the infrastructure of the Internet itself. The book addresses IPsec?s major aspects and components to help you evaluate and compare features of different implementations. It gives you a detailed understanding of this cutting-edge technology from the inside, which enables you to more effectively troubleshoot problems with specific products. Based on standards documents, discussion list archives, and practitioners? lore, this one-of-a-kind resource collects all the current knowledge of IPsec and describes it in a literate, clear...