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John Mallery, Jason Zann, Patrick Kelly, Robert McMullin, John Mallery, Robert McMullin, Patrick Kelly, Jason Zann, Paul Love

Hardening Network Security

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ISBN: 0072257032, 978-5-477-00392-1
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Take a proactive approach to network security by implementing preventive measures against attacks-- before they occur. Written by a team of security experts, this hands-on resource provides concrete steps you can take immediately as well as ongoing actions to ensure long-term security. Get complete details on how to systematically harden your network from the ground up, as well as strategies for getting company-wide support for your security plan. Features a four-part hardening methodology: Do This Now!--Checklist of immediate steps to take to lockdown your system from further attack Take It From The Top--Systematic approach to hardening your enterprise from the top down Once Is Never Enough!--Ongoing monitoring and assessment plan to keep your network secure, including patch management and auditing How to Succeed--Strategies for getting budget approval, management buy-in, and employee cooperation for your security program