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Peter Varhol

Implementing a World Wide Web Site for Your Organization

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ISBN: 1566079748
Издательство: Computer Technology Research Corporation
An increasing number of organizations are realizing the need for a Web site to publicize their products and services. This 200-page CTR report assists the webmaster in designing, developing, maintaining, and enhancing state-of-the-art Web sites. It describes techniques, products, and new technologies that will be integral to Web site development in the future. World Wide Web Background CTR's report, Implementing a World Wide Web Site for Your Organization, is a guide for designing, maintaining, using, and protecting a company's Web site. Today's businesses are taking advantage of the Web to sell products, publicize their services, and reach new customers worldwide. In many cases, information systems (IS) managers have been handed the title of "Webmaster" in addition to their regular duties. The report offers the tools IS managers need to execute an effective strategy and provides an overview of the security concerns and content standards in place today. The Web is...