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Douglas Schweitzer

Internet Security Made Easy

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ISBN: 0814471420, 9780814471425
Издательство: American Management Association
Год издания: 2011
Gone are the days when computer security was just a big-company problem. Ensuring safe and secure communications, transactions, and data transfer is now an issue for everyone doing business online. This versatile book is a step-by-step guide tosolving both the common and the more complex security issues (and protecting your precious information). Thorough, yet practical and plain-spoken, the book is accessible to both novices and computer professionals, and covers every base, including: Analyzing and eliminating vulnerabilities and risks * file-sharing issues * virus threats * SPAM * e-mail security * Public Key Infrastructure * digital signatures * "Pretty Good Privacy" * hardware and software firewalls Other key issues include the security risks of different Internet connections, particularly the vulnerability of the new "always-on" broadband technology. Readers also get information on safe Web browsing and "cookie" technology, remote connectivity and...