Обложка книги Laptop Security Short & Simple

Laptop Security Short & Simple

ISBN: 0974561126;
Издательство: Ligatt Corp.

This book is designed for any person, company, school or entity that wants to prevent the loss of their computer(s) and specifically their laptop(s). A large majority of the security efforts listed in this book can be applied to desktop computers, even though the focus of the book is on laptops. I'm sure that anyone who has ever had computer equipment stolen would have loved to have read this book prior to taking a loss. It doesn't matter if you are just an average person with a laptop, a loss prevention person such as a security guard or the owner of a business: this book will serve as a very valuable tool or reference. The theft of a laptop results in an average financial loss of $89,000; only a small percentage of the sum actually relates to the hardware cost. Source: 2002 Computer Security Institute/FBI Computer Crime & Security Survey Financial loss due to laptop theft has been second only to loss due to computer virus for the last seven years running. Source: 2002 Computer...