Обложка книги Low Risk High Tech

Low Risk High Tech

ISBN: 0971774706;
Издательство: Zorion Publishing

The book is intended as a guide to online investing. It is based on the author's chronicle of his own investment experience, which led him to question many of the basic tenets of the brokerage establishment. It is neither a rehash of Economics 101, nor aprescription for amassing a fortune, however, the author offers valuable suggestions for those that are willing to invest time along with their money in order to reap some of the rewards that the revolution in technology has brought us. As he traces his experience with different types of investing Bob explains how, through trial and error,he made certain discoveries, which tended to negate the conventional wisdom on the subject. these discoveries are lucidly outlined as revelations that apply almost exclusively to investing in technology. The myth of high risk in technology is gradually dispelled as the reader is entertained by a lively text with numerous graphs and humorous illustrations. The author goes on to show how he...