Обложка книги Online Investing Hacks (Hacks)

Online Investing Hacks (Hacks)

ISBN: 0596006772; 9780596006778;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Страниц: 504

For the geek who's an investor, and the investor who's a geek, we present Online Investing Hacks, 100 industrial-strength, bleeding edge tips, tools and techniques for analyzing and managing online portfolios. Individual investors have become more computer-literate and technology-dependent than ever before. Whether you're looking for suitable investments, studying alternatives, or managing your portfolios, you need data. The Internet can be a goldmine of financial data and research, but today's online investors also use spreadsheets, databases, and financial applications to select, study and manage investments. If your proficiency has grown to the point where you crave industrial-strength tips and tools to turbo-charge your efforts, this is the book for you. Online Investing Hacks covers: Screening Investments Collecting Data Fundamental Analysis Technical Analysis Executing Trades Investing in Mutual Funds Portfolio Management Updating...

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