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Paul E. Proctor

Practical Intrusion Detection Handbook

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ISBN: 0130259608
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR
Rather than emphasize the characteristics of attacks on computers and networks, The Practical Intrusion Detection Handbook places its focus on the tools, resources, and policies that should be in place to help security administrators do their jobs. It deals with preventing attacks, detecting and stopping them when they occur, and assessing--after the fact--the damage they cause. Throughout, the importance of record keeping is emphasized, particularly that accurate and unmuddled log files are necessary to back up legal charges or support certain firing decisions, if necessary. The business environment beyond the security officer's cubicle is also explored, including how to justify security expenditures to organizational decision makers. This isn't exactly an academic text, but it's a step removed from the sorts of play-by-play descriptions of attacks and defenses you'll find in Stephen Northcutt's security books--reference is made to those books, as a matter of fact. This...