Обложка книги Secure Communications: Applications and Management

Secure Communications: Applications and Management

ISBN: 0471499048; 9780471499046;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

If you need to know more about communication's security management, this is the perfect book for you... Secure Communications confronts the practicalities of implementing the ideals of the security policy makers. Based on 15 years experience, the author addresses the key problems faced by security managers, starting from network conception, initial setting up and the maintenance of network security by key management. Many different types of communications networks are discussed using a wide range of topics, including voice, telephone, mobile phone, radio, fax, data transmission and storage, IP, and Email technologies. Each topic is portrayed in a number of different operational environments. Explains the practical links between cryptographyand telecommunications Addresses the pertinent issues of implementation of cryptography as a method of protecting information Supports each communications technology and the fundamentals of cryptography with useful and...

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