Обложка книги Security for Ubiquitous Computing

Security for Ubiquitous Computing

ISBN: 0470844930; 9780470844939;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

* Ubiquitous computing refers to computers embedded in everyday devices communicating with each other over ad-hoc wireless networks * Focuses on two very hot topics: ad-hoc wireless networking and security * Covers security issues for well-established and widely used technologies such as GSM, Bluetooth, and IP * Presents a framework to make sense of the many and varied issues at stake, a taxonomy of the major problems and in-depth discussion of some specific, cutting-edge solutions * Includes a primer on security and the basics of cryptography * Describes the security issues in "peer-to-peer networking," a new technology that is gaining prominence in the media with applications such as Napster and ICQ Chat

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