Обложка книги The Fundamentals of Network Security

The Fundamentals of Network Security

ISBN: 1580531768;
Издательство: Artech House Publishers

Here's easy-to-understand book that introduces you to fundamental network security concepts, principles, and terms, while providing you with practical techniques that you can apply on the job. It helps you identify the best type of intrusion detection system for your environment, develop organizational guidelines for passwords, set general computer security policies, and perform a security review and risk assessment . The book presents specific tools that can be used to test, strengthen, monitor, andhack systems. From LAN/WAN security, cryptography, digital signatures and certificates, and encryption on the Web to secure e-mail protocols, biometrics, virtual private network protocols and firewalls, it covers essential topics on network security that can be understood even if you don't have a technical background. Over 110 illustrations clarify key concepts throughout the book.