Обложка книги The Internet Security Guidebook: From Planning to Deployment

The Internet Security Guidebook: From Planning to Deployment


ISBN: 0122374711; 9780122374715;
Издательство: Academic Press
Страниц: 320

The Internet Security Guidebook provides a complete analysis of an enterprise's Internet security. Strategies, steps, and procedures for conducting business securely on the Internet are discussed and reviewed. Very few organizations take the needed precautions to protect their Internet enterprise. Protection is not simply a firewall or technology; it is a strategy that encompasses risk, trust, business goals, security processes, and technology. The holistic approach offered in this book evaluates security needs in relation to business goals and the current attacks on the global Internet. The goal of The Internet Security Guidebook is to protect the business-computing environment by keeping our online enterprises functioning correctly and securely. Unlike other books available, this book contains a complete guide to Internet security that is accessible to both novices and computer professionals. The specific steps discussed and illustrated show the reader how to...

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