Обложка книги Pragmatic Version Control Using CVS

Pragmatic Version Control Using CVS


ISBN: 0974514004;
Издательство: The Pragmatic Programmers

This book is a recipe-based approach to using the CVS Version Control system that will get you up and running quickly--and correctly. All projects need version control: it's one of the foundational pieces of any project's infrastructure. Yet half of all project teams in the U.S. don't use any version control at all. Many others don't use it well, and end up experiencing time-consuming problems. This book describes a practical, easy to follow way of using CVS, the most commonly used version control system in the world. Instead of presenting the grand Theory of Version Control and describing every possible option (whether you'd ever use it or not), this book focuses on the practical application of CVS. It builds a set of examples of use that parallel the life of typical projects, showing you how to adopt and then enhance your pragmatic use of CVS.

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