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Bryan Pfaffenberger

Linux Clearly Explained

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ISBN: 0125531699
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann Pub
Linux Clearly Explained is the first book to help beginners take Linux and the GNOME desktop seriously as an alternative to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Instead of dragging the reader through outmoded text-based shells and applications, Linux Clearly Explained shows you how to set up a convincing, usable alternative to the Microsoft or Mac system you're already using. By explaining the concepts of Linux usage as well as which button to click, this book gives you a solid conceptual foundation that will pay off handsomely as your knowledge of Linux grows. Included with the book is a CD-ROM featuring Red Hat 6.0, the market-leading Linux distribution, which will help you learn how to install Red Hat Linux smoothly and optimize its performance on your system. Also included is the productivity package, Corel WordPerfect for Linux 8.0. With this free software, you'll be able to explore the beautiful new GNOME desktop - something so easy to use that any Windows or Macintosh user will...