Обложка книги Red Hat Linux Fedora Desktop Kit for Dummies

Red Hat Linux Fedora Desktop Kit for Dummies


ISBN: 076454263X; 9780764542633;
Издательство: For Dummies
Страниц: 2

Red Hat has merged its flagship Red Hat Linux product with the Fedora Project to create the Fedora Core distribution. This nifty box offers high-valued items at a low cost. It includes the complete Fedora Core distribution with source code on DVD, two books full of plain-English advice, and a bonus CD-ROM packed with extra tools, e-books, and more. About the DVD --Contains the full Fedora Core distribution with installation, source code, OpenOffice.org office productivity suite, and extra tools About Red Hat Linux Fedora For Dummies --The best-selling beginner's guide to getting up to speed with Red Hat's Fedora. About the CD-ROM --Add-ons, including RealOne Player, Wine, xMAME, and MPlayer -- Red Hat Linux Fedora Desktop For Dummies and OpenOffice.org For Dummies e-books ---Discount coupons for full Fedora Core distribution on CD-ROM f or $12.00 and OpenOffice.org For Dummies print...